Don’t call me a regular, but…

Twice in two weeks. 

Foodstory, Aberdeen, is rapidly becoming my favourite eatery in the city. Everything here is so pretty and so tasty. It’s also nice to be able to go out and enjoy a guilt free meal in a laid back environment. 

Beautiful Latte made with Dear Green Coffee

Vegetable nori wraps with rocket and superfood salad

Raw, vegan, gluten free berry cheesecake without refined sugar

Some people may dismiss Foodstory as a hipster hub, but I’d argue it is a hub for all. The miss matched furniture and rustic feel to the cafe catch your eye and invite you in as you walk by. For a casual lunch, or a special occasion, I’m not sure you can beat the atmosphere of this place. 

I’m a convert. 

While I’m still partial to the occasional beer and burger outing, I am now more than content to kickback and have a couple vegan courses. 

I, Amy, eater of meat, openly eat and enjoy vegan food. Although I am still required to make occasional jokes about it in front of my more hardcore carnivorous friends. 


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